How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
Many Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 users shared their phnones’ screenshots with each other, especially when someone had installed a new theme or wallpaper, or the performance of their phones. And I think you have found in forums, you often saw screenshots from other guys, they were always nices, and sometimes showed you the speed of the data transferring. While if something happened on your Samsung Galaxy Ace, you are looking for help, but it is difficult to describle what was on your screen, a screenshot is super simple and clear. Remember, it is not taken by a camera, the phone itself has the ability.
I found this great trick totally by accident. My little son often plays my smartphone, and one day I found there were many screencaptures on my phone. So I tried to take screenshot on my Samsung Galaxy S5830 for a while, and then found the trick.

It is very easy to take screencapture on your Samsung Galaxy Ace, just hold down the home button and press the power button, then you can find these pictures are stored in Screencapture folder from SD card.

Now you know how to take screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy Ace, If you want to share some amazing screencaptures with your friends, why not try it now on your phone.
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